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Digitalization of Circular Economy for Innovative SMEs

DigiCirc MOOC

Welcome to DigiCirc MOOC

DigiCirc is an European funded project that will enable the digitalization of Circular Economy by supporting SMEs circular innovation in three strategic domains: Circular Cities, Bioeconomy, Blue Economy.

Open calls for each domain will be launched to select 45 consortia of SMEs. The selected consortia will integrate one of the three acceleration programs, run by innovation support experts, to transform validated concepts into robust business models towards a commercial launch.

The Circular Cities DigiCirc MOOC runs over 12 Weeks, from April 2021 to July 2021.

Each week corresponds with a module, dedicated to a specific innovative domain: from production methodologies to business strategies, towards marketing, communication and CSR. Each module is made of 5 units that deepen the topic of the week through a variety of short videos, articles, reports, and short assessments.